Sunday, July 11, 2010

perfect summer weekend

Hi loves!

I have had such a great weekend. My mom and I went to the Natick Mall this weekend, which is much more upscale than we had anticipated, and so much fun to walk around. As soon as we got there we got some fab makeovers at Bare Escentuals, we had a great time trying all of the products and even took some home ('hi my name is amanda and I have a makeup problem' unison, 'hi amanda'). Please excuse the quality of the following photos, they were taken with my blackberry.
... awkward face, people were judging me for this hehe.

eye shadow to last a girl forever

mom, post makeover! so pretty.

all of our colors.

Then we discovered that Nordstrom is having a huge sale, this turned out to be another issue. My mom picked up some fantastic pieces, and I grabbed my fiance a few Affliction shirts at a fraction of their usually way over priced cost. He was thrilled! 
On the way home we stopped at Marshalls to look for a pair of red pumps for mom, heavy sigh, we were unsuccessful. I however, was able to snag a totally cute pair of Juicy Couture aviator sunglasses for $39.00. So proud of myself, the only pair that they had :) I also bought a colander for my kitchen, way less exciting news. 

While I was gone all day spending more money than I should have, my adorable fiance was busy planning an unexpected date night, awww. We went to dinner and then came home to watch a netflix on the couch. This was such a fun night, we almost never eat out anymore so we had a great time. 

Onto the wedding-esque part of this post. My most adorable fiance spent an hour in CVS on Friday looking through all of the bridal magazines, trying to find one that I would love. He came home and surprised me with it, I love him! While reading it I found this very adorable, understated and elegant wedding gown...

...designed by Aria. I would love this dress in white/ivory with either a black, white or embellished sash. After swooning I grew a pair and went online to check the price....$295.00. UHHH WHAT?!?!?! That is so totally in my price range. Obviously now I have to treck to the boutique on Newbury St. and try this on. Thank you fiance, you may have saved us hundreds of dollars, love you!

I hope you all had a great weekend too, possibly less expensive than mine, but just as fun!

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