Tuesday, November 16, 2010

fighting the urge

Hi Dolls!!!

I am dying for this headpiece... I really want it for the wedding! What do you think? Will this work with my dress?? It's only $39.00....maybe Santa will get it for me .
It can be found here on Etsy. This seller has a ton of other wedding day chic hair accessories and head pieces that double as sashes/belts, just like this one!

Della - Rhinestone beaded bridal headband / sash 18 inches

Also, I need to tell you about my Maid Of Honor/BFF's boyfriend's movie....

November 20th my friend's indie film Gotta Find Barry premiere's at the Park Cinema in Cranston. The story of 2 gravediggers who break into a haunted mansion to find the spirit of their dead best friend so they can hang out one last time. It'll be a fun night, so go to richcampent.com and buy a ticket for $10!!!!!

If you are in RI you need to go see it, the trailer is hilarious and I am sure the movie won't disappoint!!

Hope you are having a good Tuesday. Don't forget to check out the movie, and leave me some opinions on the head piece. I love inexpensive glam wedding pieces!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kicking off my wedding DIY checklist

Hi loves!!
I have a few exciting things for you this week...
First, my mom is turning the big FIVE OH this month, and I found the perfect birthday gift for her. But, I can't show you until after her birthday because she is going to be reading this :) hi mom!
Second, I bought my cake topper from Crafty Eddy. I found him through Project Wedding. Ed doesn't have a website but can be reached at craftyeddy@gmail.com. He responded to me within an hour after I sent him my first email, and he has been extremely accommodating, even suggesting I scale down the size of my cake topper to better fit the top tier of my cake. It was only $14.00 which included shipping to anywhere in the US. Ed had a ton of fonts and styles I could choose from. Without further delay here she is:

I will be painting it and covering the front with rhinestones, so it will sparkle on top of our cake! This will be a really fun project for me, and I can't wait to show you the finished results. I have put some pictures of cake toppers which were purchased from Craft Eddy, and then finished by brides.

Keturah78 crafty eddy does photo 984028-1
Cake Topper

EEEPPPPP! I can't wait to get my hands on mine. I also got a glue gun at Ocean State Job Lot for $2.98. I am ready to spend a fun winter playing with wedding details!

I will keep you posted with pictures as soon as I start playing with my cake topper. If you have any questions, I highly suggest that you contact Ed. He has been such a delight to work with and I would recommend him to any bride.

Until next time dolls, have a great week 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....in the malls

Hi loves!!!

I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween, we have had a nice relaxing few weeks. 
Things that happened this week:
My ipod no longer holds a charge, awesome.
I think that we have skipped fall.
It snowed at my house this week.
I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread....twice. 
I created my Victoria's Secret PINK wish list, there's 2 things on it, and I want them (in my brattiest I WANT IT NOWWWW voice). 

I went to do some errands at target last weekend and it looks like Christmas threw up. But, the benefit of all of this is that I scored a sweet 6' Christmas tree on sale for $20.00. My family has aaalwaysss had real trees, and fiance and I have too. However, they keep getting more and more expensive, and the clean up is far from fun. This is my first year with a fake tree, and it has already saved me money, yayyyy!!!

I have no exciting wedding news for you all, but I found these awesome DIY (Do It Yourself) pomander balls instructions. I will be using them to make some pew decorations for the ceremony.

Winter is the perfect time to get going on all of those little details that you didn't have time to work on in the summer. Make sure to scour the internet coupons for Michael's, Christmas Tree Shops, Hobby Lobby, etc. before heading out to buy your supplies.

Send me some of you DIY projects for the winter, or completed projects, with pictures and I will feature them in my next post: blondebride@cox.net.

I also need to tell you that I have a most amazing mother. She ran and completed the Tufts Women's 10k a few weeks ago. She is so inspiring!! I had fallen off of the gym wagon, but her never quit attitude has inspired me to get back in there. Last week I went to spinning, and I am already signed up for this week and next week. 

I'm off to think about and stress about Thanksgiving, I am looking forward to your DIY emails!!!!!!