Friday, June 25, 2010

happy friday!

Hi loves!
Happy Friday, I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

There are a billion (yes billion) ways to save some dough on your wedding day. I have found several websites which give some great tips and suggestions. 

One of my favorite sites is Once Wed which has a fantastic used wedding gown section. You can search for particular designers, or by size, or condition of the gown. I love the fact that many of the brides post pictures of them in their wedding gown. As with any big decision (and I don't think they get any bigger than buying a wedding gown) make sure you do your due diligence and contact the seller so you have some form of recourse if the transaction falls through. I think that it is amazing that women love their gowns so much that they wan to share them with other women to enjoy as much as they had. 

Another site I LOVE LOVE LOVE is Brides Against Breast Cancer. This organization travels around the US selling worn and last season's leftover gowns to future brides to be. A percentage of the proceeds are used to make wishes come true for women losing the fight against breast cancer. This is a fantastic opportunity to get a great deal on the dress of your dreams, while making someone's final wish come true. The best part of all, Brides Against Breast Cancer is in Rhode Island RIGHT NOW!!!!  EEEEEEKKKKK!!! I can not contain myself, who doesn't want to run around and try on wedding dresses all day??? Make sure to go HERE to pre-register. This is an event that is sure to be promising, and not to be missed!

Twin River Casino
General Sale – Free Admission
Saturday, June 26 from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sunday, June 27 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the art of threading

Hi loves!
I hope you all had an enjoyable Father's Day!

This weekend I got my eyebrows threaded, and had a reader request to go into more detail.
Eye brow threading is "... an ancient art of hair removal that is particularly suitable for sensitive skin". I prefer Sukhy's in North Providence/Pawtucket, 5 minutes in and out, but she also has an additional location in Seekonk. I find that threading offers more control than waxing, hurts much less, lasts longer and does not leave the skin red. I love how perfectly shaped my brows are when I leave, no more caterpillars, no more hairy bush face, yayyyyyy.

I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what the best part is.......every 10th visit is free!   Who doesn't love free beauty services??????   If you answered 'ME!' to that question then you can donate your free visit to me, win/win situation :) 
This is how it all goes down:


"The art of threading involves the gentle and precise twisting of a length of cotton thread
along a row of hair, which is then removed.  The twisting thread traps the hair, lifting it
out of the follicle and it is then removed.  Threading allows for greater precision overall 
compared with tweezing and waxing for the achieving exactly the desired effect.  As a 
method for achieving the perfectly arched eyebrow look it is unsurpassed." - Suhky

Try it, if you don't like it I promise that waxing will still be here waiting for you, 
pinky swear!


Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Father’s Day to my 3 awesome DADS- Rodney (daddy), Mark (stepdad), and Steve (future father-in-law) and all the wonderful father’s out there! And a very Happy Birthday to my Grandfather, Papa.

I was lucky enough to celebrate with my father, stepfather and grandfather yesterday. Fiance and I had appetizers at my mother and stepfather's house along with my grandparents. My grandmother makes a bruschetta that is to die for, someday soon if I am granted permission I will share the family recipe. Until then, I have to keep it under wraps. 

We then went to my father's house for a father's day cookout, and he made the most delicious apple pie for dessert, again another family recipe that even I am not privilege to. My father takes great pleasure in carving designs into his pies, this pie says HDD, or Happy Dad's Day. Accompanied with several masculine pictures, a cigar, a beer, a golf club, a bottle of wine etc... hehe I love my daddy, he can be so silly sometimes!
After dinner we lit some fireworks, which are legal in RI now, YAYYY!!!! I was like a kid in a candy store. Having never been allowed to even play with sparklers when I was little I have spent a significant amount of time the past 2 days lighting them and marveling in their beauty.

One of my favorite things about the summer is the fruit, so yummy! Even the dog likes fresh fruit and got to taste some of the watermelon and nectarines I was cutting this morning. I use Friday or Saturday as my cheat day depending on what our schedule is. This week was Friday so today its back on track this morning with the healthy eating, breakfast was a nectarine and an apple with peanut butter. Not sure about the rest of the day, I haven't even gotten out of my PJ's yet so lunch and dinner do not seem to be a priority. 

No weddingy things today, sorry folks. I will be back on the wedding beauty band wagon tomorrow with some eye brow threading info. A review requested by one of my avid readers (Thanks Grammy, love you!). Have a relaxing and father filled sunday.

Friday, June 18, 2010

disappearing act

Okay so my wrinkle isn't really gone, but it is smaller and less wrinkly. The fabulous associate I was working with at Sephora wanted to sell me eye cream a for brightening, eye cream b for lifting, and eye cream c for wrinkles. I was even more confused than when I had first gone in and didn't feel like I needed 3 creams at $60.00 each for my first wrinkle. I wanted something that I could use every day but wouldn't put a dent in my wedding budget. Feeling sort of desperate I turned to the internet. After reading user reviews and asking my Mom (Mom always knows best!) I decided on Olay Regenerist eye lifting serum. It firms, smooths and brightens. I use it every night before bed, and again in the morning under my makeup. My dark circles are gone and my wrinkle has become much less noticeable. YAY!!! One of my favorite things about this serum is that it leaves the skin around my eyes feeling dewy, soft and fresh, and my eye makeup no longer smudges and runs, bonus! You can learn more or get a free sample at

In other news, I have today off, so excited!! It gorgeous outside and I will be getting my eyebrows threaded, returning some shoes I bought my niece's (twins, so cute) and going to Spinning. I hope you all have a great Friday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recovering tan-a-holic

First, I have to thank my first two followers, my Mom (hi mom!) and Rich (my best friends man, who I kind of think is perfect for her)....THANK YOU!!!

Now onto wedding business. In case you didn't know I have been fake bake free for several months now, sadly this is an achievement for me. My mission to be tanning bed free all started when I found my first ever under eye wrinkle. Imagine a blonde mess panicking in Sephora with a fabulous male associate trying to say all of the right things to make me shut up and buy something, not good. Since this fiasco I have been on a mission to try to find something to give me a glow while not killing my body. I have tried several self tanning lotions over the years and consistently turned orange, great, Jersey Shore here I come! On a separate, less traumatic trip to Sephora I found these:
Classic Self-Tan Towelette For Face & Body—Fair to Medium Skin Tones

Tan Towel, a self tanning wipe that you put on right after you shower. No streaks, no Snookie effect. Perfect. They come 5 to a box, which is $21.00, the same price as a fake spray tan. I tried the whole body wipes, but Tan Towel also offers smaller face and neck wipes. Try them, they are lovely and don't stink like most fake tanning products. Go get your glow on!!!

Next time I will reveal my secret to making my first ever wrinkle go away, get excited.


Monday, June 14, 2010

good as new!

My most perfect, white gold engagement ring has recently been very yellowish...(insert whining here)...Fiance bought it from Zales and was told that we can bring it back to them any time to get dipped in rhodium. Zales told us that I would have to give up my ring for at least a week....OHNO, not good, ring separation anxiety consumed me. To all of the women who are comfortable giving up their rings to be sent out, I commend you and I am sure that you have had the best of luck...unfortunately, this isn't me by any stretch of the imagination. After asking around, I found out that Hannoush does all of their work on site and it only takes about 45 minutes - an hour to have a white gold ring cleaned and rhodium dipped. EEEP! Imagine my excitement!!! I decided on the Swansea mall location because I was referred to them and they are less expensive than the RI locations. 45 minutes and $26.00 later and my ring is as shiny, sparkly and perfect as the day I said yes. I was able to stay with my ring the entire time and was ecstatic with the results. I will definitely be using them again. The jeweler who does all of the work is only part time, as are the jewelers in the RI locations, so make sure to call ahead if you plan on using them.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is my first blog post ever! exciting I know. I am lucky enough to have a long engagement which allows me to throw around ideas and try different things before making a commitment. This blog will take you through my exciting adventures from now until June 24, 2012. I plan on showing you not only things I have experience with but products, clothing, accessories, and all things bridal that I think are interesting and worth sharing. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment, share or suggest things for me to review.