Monday, June 14, 2010

good as new!

My most perfect, white gold engagement ring has recently been very yellowish...(insert whining here)...Fiance bought it from Zales and was told that we can bring it back to them any time to get dipped in rhodium. Zales told us that I would have to give up my ring for at least a week....OHNO, not good, ring separation anxiety consumed me. To all of the women who are comfortable giving up their rings to be sent out, I commend you and I am sure that you have had the best of luck...unfortunately, this isn't me by any stretch of the imagination. After asking around, I found out that Hannoush does all of their work on site and it only takes about 45 minutes - an hour to have a white gold ring cleaned and rhodium dipped. EEEP! Imagine my excitement!!! I decided on the Swansea mall location because I was referred to them and they are less expensive than the RI locations. 45 minutes and $26.00 later and my ring is as shiny, sparkly and perfect as the day I said yes. I was able to stay with my ring the entire time and was ecstatic with the results. I will definitely be using them again. The jeweler who does all of the work is only part time, as are the jewelers in the RI locations, so make sure to call ahead if you plan on using them.

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