Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recovering tan-a-holic

First, I have to thank my first two followers, my Mom (hi mom!) and Rich (my best friends man, who I kind of think is perfect for her)....THANK YOU!!!

Now onto wedding business. In case you didn't know I have been fake bake free for several months now, sadly this is an achievement for me. My mission to be tanning bed free all started when I found my first ever under eye wrinkle. Imagine a blonde mess panicking in Sephora with a fabulous male associate trying to say all of the right things to make me shut up and buy something, not good. Since this fiasco I have been on a mission to try to find something to give me a glow while not killing my body. I have tried several self tanning lotions over the years and consistently turned orange, great, Jersey Shore here I come! On a separate, less traumatic trip to Sephora I found these:
Classic Self-Tan Towelette For Face & Body—Fair to Medium Skin Tones

Tan Towel, a self tanning wipe that you put on right after you shower. No streaks, no Snookie effect. Perfect. They come 5 to a box, which is $21.00, the same price as a fake spray tan. I tried the whole body wipes, but Tan Towel also offers smaller face and neck wipes. Try them, they are lovely and don't stink like most fake tanning products. Go get your glow on!!!

Next time I will reveal my secret to making my first ever wrinkle go away, get excited.


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