Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hi loves!
Mark this day in your calendar. Today I got my first fan mail. My super amazing spinning instructor Peter sent me an email last night to let me know that he liked my last post!!!! HUGE SMILE/BEAMING!!!!!!!! Now this is when I beg you to try Spin Works because I owe Peter a lot more credit than he gets, and more credit than he would be willing to accept. Thank you Peter for all that you do for my Mom and I, we both think that you are pretty cool.

I had to share my news. Fan mail is always welcomed!! I can be reached at if anyone else wants to get in touch with me.

I am working on a super exciting wedding dress post for you all. Sit tight, as soon as it is ready you will be notified.


Monday, July 26, 2010

sweating psa

Hi loves!
I hope you all had an amazing weekend, we definitely did! We trailered Fiance's motorcycle up to NH and got to explore some of their wide open country roads, so fun! We did not make it to the malls in NH, and therefore I have no exciting wedding band news to share with you waaahhhhhhhh (my best Snookie whine). 
Lets talk exercise today. Every bride to be wants to look her best on her wedding day. Accomplishing that bridal glow usually means hours in the gym, cardio and weight training. Many gyms offer a plethora of classes from Zumba to yoga and spinning and everything in between. Many women struggle with going to the gym. Getting there is the biggest step, some of the best advice I have ever been given is to treat the gym as an appointment. You wouldn't dare miss or be late for your hair appointment or your mani/pedi, why keep putting off the gym? For me the gym is my me time, the time when all of life's other BS doesn't matter. The wedding doesn't matter, work doesn't matter, bills don't matter, I am only there to make ME matter. I get so much energy from the gym, I absolutely love it!


I spin 3-4 times a week and do strength training 2 times a week. Recently one of my spinning instructors has been incorporating some new moves into class, and not a moment too soon. My best friend sent me a  bbm (black berry message for those of you living in the world of no smart phones) about 2 weeks ago telling me about a new type of exercise she was trying and loving, pure barre. The method behind pure barre is to work every muscle to exhaustion (sounds great so far) and then stretch the muscles out. While there aren't any pure barre studios in the RI area, many instructors are starting to incorporate the methods into their classes. My favorite spinning class goes like this: 2 song on the bike wicked hard, one song pure barre-esque weights strength training....repeat at least 4 times. This is the perfect mix of high intensity cardio and strength training, and I love love love it!!! My spinning studio also holds me accountable and makes it easier to get there. I pay for the class a head of time, online when I register. If I don't go to class I still lose my money, trust me when I say fiance and I make sure my little procrastinating butt gets there, if for nothing else than to use the money spent wisely. I love my studio Spin Works and the owner Peter is great too. All of the instructors are up-beat and bring the high intensity and motivation to the class that I need. Many gyms, including this one, offer a free class, or free week. Take advantage of it, and go! It won't hurt to try something once, if you hate it go back to the nothing you were doing before and no harm no foul. You don't have to Spin, but you should do something to make your heart, head and body feel better. In my opinion, the stress of life and wedding planning at the same time isn't something that the human body was made for. The moral of today's post: go for a walk, run, spin, anything to make you and your body feel better. And as my spinning instructor extraordinaire Peter would say, "sweating is sexy". 

Off to watch a movie with fiance.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

know your stuff

Hi loves!
I hope you are all enjoying your July. Ours has been fun filled and I am loving every minute of it!
Every summer we go up to New Hampshire at least once to visit family, this is where we will be next weekend. NH is a shop-a-holics dream, as they do not have any sales tax YAYYY!!! We will be buying my wedding band in NH to take advantage of the lack of sales tax, and because they seem to have more jewelers than Rhode Island so they are all willing to beat the other guys prices. Next weekend we plan on spending some time wedding band shopping to get a better idea of prices and options. This may not come as a surprise, but I already know what I want...... 1 carat, 5 stone, white gold, prong setting, G/H color and VS1/VS2 clarity...try saying that 5 times fast. I think it will look perfect with my engagement ring, and I am secretly pulling for a match to my dream band for our first anniversary (fingers crossed). 

One thing any couple or soon to be engaged young man should have before stepping foot in any jeweler is a diamond education. Not knowing what you are looking at or paying for can be the biggest downfall of any engagement ring or wedding band purchase. At first glance any diamond ring looks perfect and sparkly and like something you should already own. To the untrained eye, every diamond looks the same. However, like people, no two diamonds are ever the same, and you want to know what you are paying for before you make a purchase.

Diamond education 101:
The Four C's - Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat
Cut - almost every woman has a cut that she prefers and one that is a close second. It is best to check with her, and this can easily be done through the best friend. (get her phone # ASAP). The cut that will sparkle the most and look the most brilliant is the brilliant cut, also known as round. There are 7 basic cuts with many variations.
brilliant/round cut                princess/square cut

princess/square cut                        emerald cut  

 marquise cut                           radiant cut

        pear cut                               oval cut diamond   

Color - "Although most gem-quality diamonds when seen alone appear to be colorless to
the untrained eye, there are subtle differences in shade. Color in diamonds results from 
traces of other elements which mix with carbon during the diamond's formation. 
Diamonds with no traces of color are extremely rare."  The best diamonds available will be 
colorless, or categorized as either D E or F, with D being the most perfect. Next, we have 
near colorless or G H I J, with G being the most perfect in this category. Faint yellow 
would be K L M, very light yellow would be N O P Q and R. And light yellow would be S T 
U V W X Y and Z. Most jewelers are going to carry a range from G-N/O, with the better 
color being more expensive.

Clarity - "Most diamonds develop inclusions during their natural formation deep within 
the earth. Diamond clarity is determined by the position, color, number, nature and size 
of these inclusions. The fewer the inclusions, the rarer the diamond and the greater the 
value." The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Clarity Grading Scale:
FL - flawless
IF Internally Flawless - minor surface blemishes
VVS1 - Very, very small inclusions, extremely difficult to locate
VVS2 - Very, very small inclusions
VS1 - Very small inclusions, very difficult to locate
VS2 - Very small inclusions
SI1 - noticeable small inclusions, somewhat easy to locate
SI2 - easily noticed small inclusions
the following are visible to the naked eye
I1 - eye visible inclusions
I2 - obvious eye-visible inclusions
I3 - lacks transparency and contains dark inclusions easily visible to the naked eye that 
may affect durability.

Carat weight - "Of the four C's, carat weight is the simplest factor used to determine the 
value of a diamond. As with all precious gems, the weight of a diamond is expressed in 
carats. One carat equals one-fifth of a gram or 1/142 of an ounce. One carat is divided into 
100 points, so a diamond weighing 3/4 carat has 75 points or .75 carat. As diamonds 
increase in weight, their price per carat usually increases geometrically, not arithmetically. 
Thus, a two-carat diamond will usually be more than double the price of a one-carat 
diamond of the same quality."

Now that you are a diamond expert, you can go shopping with ease. You will know what
you are looking at and what the jeweler is selling.

I will keep you posted on our luck in NH. Off to see some fireworks, hope you all had a 
great weekend!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

perfect summer weekend

Hi loves!

I have had such a great weekend. My mom and I went to the Natick Mall this weekend, which is much more upscale than we had anticipated, and so much fun to walk around. As soon as we got there we got some fab makeovers at Bare Escentuals, we had a great time trying all of the products and even took some home ('hi my name is amanda and I have a makeup problem' unison, 'hi amanda'). Please excuse the quality of the following photos, they were taken with my blackberry.
... awkward face, people were judging me for this hehe.

eye shadow to last a girl forever

mom, post makeover! so pretty.

all of our colors.

Then we discovered that Nordstrom is having a huge sale, this turned out to be another issue. My mom picked up some fantastic pieces, and I grabbed my fiance a few Affliction shirts at a fraction of their usually way over priced cost. He was thrilled! 
On the way home we stopped at Marshalls to look for a pair of red pumps for mom, heavy sigh, we were unsuccessful. I however, was able to snag a totally cute pair of Juicy Couture aviator sunglasses for $39.00. So proud of myself, the only pair that they had :) I also bought a colander for my kitchen, way less exciting news. 

While I was gone all day spending more money than I should have, my adorable fiance was busy planning an unexpected date night, awww. We went to dinner and then came home to watch a netflix on the couch. This was such a fun night, we almost never eat out anymore so we had a great time. 

Onto the wedding-esque part of this post. My most adorable fiance spent an hour in CVS on Friday looking through all of the bridal magazines, trying to find one that I would love. He came home and surprised me with it, I love him! While reading it I found this very adorable, understated and elegant wedding gown...

...designed by Aria. I would love this dress in white/ivory with either a black, white or embellished sash. After swooning I grew a pair and went online to check the price....$295.00. UHHH WHAT?!?!?! That is so totally in my price range. Obviously now I have to treck to the boutique on Newbury St. and try this on. Thank you fiance, you may have saved us hundreds of dollars, love you!

I hope you all had a great weekend too, possibly less expensive than mine, but just as fun!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

happy engag-a-versary

Hi loves!
I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend, we had a ton of fun!! We went cookout hopping on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, saw Eclipse, went to the casino, laid out by my grandparent's pool and most importantly spent some quality time with my cousins/flower girls who I am totally in love with!
Feast your eyes on the most beautiful little girls ever with my Uncle and Fiance.....

This weekend (July 2 to be exact) was our 1 year engageaversary , yes it has already been one year and it has flown by. We celebrated with a night out at Mohegan Sun, which is where we got engaged. soo cute! While I was there I noticed a new store (shocking, I know, that I should pay attention to their retail options). Bare Escentuals has opened a boutique in the Casino. I have heard a ton about this line, positive and negative. Obviously I couldn't pass up an opportunity to go into a new makeup store and play, so I did and poor fiance had to come with me. They were able to squeeze me in for a full makeover, and my makeup artist was the best. She was very friendly and made sure I had a hand in everything, including learning how to apply the makeup. The makeup line, Bare Minerals,  is free of any preservatives, fillers, or binders, and 100% pure. How could a girl go wrong. I loved how natural I looked and had a 'glow' about me. Their makup applications are free, last about an hour and are very personal. They tailor everything to your skin type and life style. I took this picture after my make over, love love love it, and him!

bareMinerals Try. Believe. Love. ($51 Value) bareMinerals SPF 25 Mineral Veil Face Fashion: Urban Vibe ($43 Value)

Next time you are someplace that has Bare Minerals, try it out, the boutiques offer free full makeup applications and free promotional products. Sephora also carries Bare Minerals and they will let you return the product if you don't like it....even if you have used it. Seems to me like you can't go wrong!

Have a great week!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

one more day...

Hi loves!
Sorry I haven't been around lately, I have been super busy. The good kind of busy, seeing old friends, going to the gym kind of busy.
I hope some of you made it to the Brides Against Breast Cancer gown sale, and if you did I want some details!!!!

I am one of those lucky ladies who has to wash her hair every day, obviously I shower every day so its not that huge of an inconvenience. The worst part is the blow drying and the styling and the damage I do to my hair every day. I know plenty of other ladies who only have to wash their hair every 3 days or so, WICKEEEDDDD JEALOUS......

Recently I was introduced to dry shampoo, it makes greasy, dirty hair clean again. Now I only wash my hair every other day (unless I go to the gym, sweaty hair can't be helped). I have tried several different brands even the drug store ones and they all fall flat, some even made my hair look dirtier, gross. My favorite, and the one I go back to every time is Rene Furterer Naturia. It takes all of the 'dirty' out of my hair, and even gives it some volume, and it doesn't hurt that it smells nice too :). I buy mine at Sephora but many salons and hair care stores also carry it. 

Every time I have ever had my hair done, and I am sure this will hold true for my wedding, the stylist has asked me to go to my appointment without washing my hair for a few days. I have never been able to do this in the past, and my curls and up-do's have suffered from it. Now I can go with day or two old hair and it will look like I just washed it. 

Try using it for your trial or on a lazy summer weekend when its to hot for the blow dryer, and see how it goes. Then you will be ready for your big day with gorgeous, voluptuous, perfect wedding day hair. 

Naturia Dry Shampoo 

I hope you all have a fantastic, safe and fun-filled holiday weekend.