Monday, July 26, 2010

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Hi loves!
I hope you all had an amazing weekend, we definitely did! We trailered Fiance's motorcycle up to NH and got to explore some of their wide open country roads, so fun! We did not make it to the malls in NH, and therefore I have no exciting wedding band news to share with you waaahhhhhhhh (my best Snookie whine). 
Lets talk exercise today. Every bride to be wants to look her best on her wedding day. Accomplishing that bridal glow usually means hours in the gym, cardio and weight training. Many gyms offer a plethora of classes from Zumba to yoga and spinning and everything in between. Many women struggle with going to the gym. Getting there is the biggest step, some of the best advice I have ever been given is to treat the gym as an appointment. You wouldn't dare miss or be late for your hair appointment or your mani/pedi, why keep putting off the gym? For me the gym is my me time, the time when all of life's other BS doesn't matter. The wedding doesn't matter, work doesn't matter, bills don't matter, I am only there to make ME matter. I get so much energy from the gym, I absolutely love it!


I spin 3-4 times a week and do strength training 2 times a week. Recently one of my spinning instructors has been incorporating some new moves into class, and not a moment too soon. My best friend sent me a  bbm (black berry message for those of you living in the world of no smart phones) about 2 weeks ago telling me about a new type of exercise she was trying and loving, pure barre. The method behind pure barre is to work every muscle to exhaustion (sounds great so far) and then stretch the muscles out. While there aren't any pure barre studios in the RI area, many instructors are starting to incorporate the methods into their classes. My favorite spinning class goes like this: 2 song on the bike wicked hard, one song pure barre-esque weights strength training....repeat at least 4 times. This is the perfect mix of high intensity cardio and strength training, and I love love love it!!! My spinning studio also holds me accountable and makes it easier to get there. I pay for the class a head of time, online when I register. If I don't go to class I still lose my money, trust me when I say fiance and I make sure my little procrastinating butt gets there, if for nothing else than to use the money spent wisely. I love my studio Spin Works and the owner Peter is great too. All of the instructors are up-beat and bring the high intensity and motivation to the class that I need. Many gyms, including this one, offer a free class, or free week. Take advantage of it, and go! It won't hurt to try something once, if you hate it go back to the nothing you were doing before and no harm no foul. You don't have to Spin, but you should do something to make your heart, head and body feel better. In my opinion, the stress of life and wedding planning at the same time isn't something that the human body was made for. The moral of today's post: go for a walk, run, spin, anything to make you and your body feel better. And as my spinning instructor extraordinaire Peter would say, "sweating is sexy". 

Off to watch a movie with fiance.


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