Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Father’s Day to my 3 awesome DADS- Rodney (daddy), Mark (stepdad), and Steve (future father-in-law) and all the wonderful father’s out there! And a very Happy Birthday to my Grandfather, Papa.

I was lucky enough to celebrate with my father, stepfather and grandfather yesterday. Fiance and I had appetizers at my mother and stepfather's house along with my grandparents. My grandmother makes a bruschetta that is to die for, someday soon if I am granted permission I will share the family recipe. Until then, I have to keep it under wraps. 

We then went to my father's house for a father's day cookout, and he made the most delicious apple pie for dessert, again another family recipe that even I am not privilege to. My father takes great pleasure in carving designs into his pies, this pie says HDD, or Happy Dad's Day. Accompanied with several masculine pictures, a cigar, a beer, a golf club, a bottle of wine etc... hehe I love my daddy, he can be so silly sometimes!
After dinner we lit some fireworks, which are legal in RI now, YAYYY!!!! I was like a kid in a candy store. Having never been allowed to even play with sparklers when I was little I have spent a significant amount of time the past 2 days lighting them and marveling in their beauty.

One of my favorite things about the summer is the fruit, so yummy! Even the dog likes fresh fruit and got to taste some of the watermelon and nectarines I was cutting this morning. I use Friday or Saturday as my cheat day depending on what our schedule is. This week was Friday so today its back on track this morning with the healthy eating, breakfast was a nectarine and an apple with peanut butter. Not sure about the rest of the day, I haven't even gotten out of my PJ's yet so lunch and dinner do not seem to be a priority. 

No weddingy things today, sorry folks. I will be back on the wedding beauty band wagon tomorrow with some eye brow threading info. A review requested by one of my avid readers (Thanks Grammy, love you!). Have a relaxing and father filled sunday.

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