Tuesday, November 16, 2010

fighting the urge

Hi Dolls!!!

I am dying for this headpiece... I really want it for the wedding! What do you think? Will this work with my dress?? It's only $39.00....maybe Santa will get it for me .
It can be found here on Etsy. This seller has a ton of other wedding day chic hair accessories and head pieces that double as sashes/belts, just like this one!

Della - Rhinestone beaded bridal headband / sash 18 inches

Also, I need to tell you about my Maid Of Honor/BFF's boyfriend's movie....

November 20th my friend's indie film Gotta Find Barry premiere's at the Park Cinema in Cranston. The story of 2 gravediggers who break into a haunted mansion to find the spirit of their dead best friend so they can hang out one last time. It'll be a fun night, so go to richcampent.com and buy a ticket for $10!!!!!

If you are in RI you need to go see it, the trailer is hilarious and I am sure the movie won't disappoint!!

Hope you are having a good Tuesday. Don't forget to check out the movie, and leave me some opinions on the head piece. I love inexpensive glam wedding pieces!

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  1. i'm loving that headband - only $39? go for it lady!