Friday, August 13, 2010

something to smile about

Hi loves!!
I know it has been a longggg time since my last post, and I promised that your patience would pay off. So I hope you love this one!

although I am biased, I am pretty sure that I have the most amazing fiance ever. We had met on Friday the 13th in April 2007, and today being another Friday the 13th he thought he would be the sweetest. We were at the mall tonight to run a few errands, I returned a pair of jeans and got another pair hemmed and fiance was off swooning over the over-priced ipad (or so I thought). I called him up to find out if he was still in the Apple store, and let him know that I was ready to leave. When I found him he had a white bag in his hand, so naturally I asked him what he had found. He turns the bag around to reveal that it is a Pandora bag, and extends his arm forward to give it to me. "Happy day that we met babe" he says...OH EM GE, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! He was very nervous that I wouldn't like it, and I anxiously waited until we got to the car to open it. Those of you who love Pandora as much as I do know how small and tiny the charms are. He had bought me a silver charm that said "I love you" with a 14k gold heart on it. SWOON, obviously I love it, I had actually been secretly eyeing it for years!! This is one of the many occasions that he has been so good to me leading me to my conclusion that he is the most amazing fiance ever.

Now to the juice you have been waiting for....

Trash The Dress photo shoots are becoming more and more popular with the modern bride, who wants more alternative pictures of her in her most amazing wedding gown. These pictures can be taken anywhere, with or without her now husband, and in her own gown, or a much less expensive and less meaningful second dress purchased solely for this purpose. I have found a bride who has been gracious enough to let me share her experience and photos with you. All of these incredibly amazing photos were taken by Melissa McClure who works out of San Diego. The bride chose to have her trash the dress shoot prior to the wedding and use the time to get to know her photographer. "Mel rocked our world. I'd always wanted to do a REAL trash the dress; I wanted to roll around in mud, destroy the dress, get some really cool and edgy pictures. But honestly, in my wildest dreams.... I never imagined how great they would actually be. I'm Melissa's biggest fan. So for all you CA girls... look her up!! She is amazing!!". 

Almost every bride chooses a different setting for her TTD shoot, "Melissa asked me several months before the wedding what we thought about doing an underwater shoot for some of our TTD photos. Are you kidding me?! Hell yeah!! She'd never shot underwater before so this was new for her and none of us knew how it would turn out".
Disclaimer: the following photos may take your breath away, make your heart skip a beat or cause you to schedule a TTD shoot for yourself immediately. I take no responsibility for these feelings and will not be held responsible for any amazing pictures you decide to take as a result.

I hope you loveddd those photos as much as I did, and I hope you are now convinced that you should do a TTD, I will most definitely be doing one with my fiance.  At this point you may be asking how much these shoots cost. Some photographers will do the shoot itself for free because TTD shoots are so new and innovative and they will want to use your pictures in their portfolio. You will have to pay for the prints if you want them. If your photographer isn't willing to do the shoot for free it will only cost about $2-300. If your photographer is on the higher end, find someone else. Many photo students will also do the shoot for free, if you let them use the photos for their portfolio. RISD is in Providence, and you can find a plethora of talented artists there. 

That is all I have for you now, hope you loved it as much as I did.

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