Sunday, September 5, 2010

I missed you

Hi loves!!!
I know that I have been super MIA lately, but for good reason! Fiance and I have some fantastic family members (my Aunt & my Uncle) who planned a fabulous vacation for us, and with the help of my Mom made sure that most of it was paid for!!! How amazing is that, I love my fam, they rock and it was definitely a much needed vacation.

We spent 5 days in Vegas, and it was surprisingly relaxing. Fiance got a tattoo of a cross on his back, with our wedding date in the center....go ahead, you know you want to say it..AAAWWWWW...hehehe...I love him!

The Tattoo was done by the ahhh-mazing Dina Rose at the Las Vegas location of Club Tattoo. If you are ever in Vegas, go check her out, she's worth it!

Some more fun pics from the trip:

I missed you all, and I am super happy to be back home with my puppy and fiance and slightly less enthusiastic about going back to work on Tuesday....insert my best Snookie whine yet.

During my daily wedding website stalk I stumbled upon a new gem, Style Me Pretty. And, I think I have also stumbled upon the most amazing non-floral centerpieces ever. I am LOVING these Moroccan Lamps, and I am 99% sure that a significant amount of my time will be devoted to finding some so that I can use the as my centerpieces. I am seeing my floral budget shrink, SCORE!

I hope that you fall in love with these romantic centerpieces as fast as I did, and if you don't keep it to yourself while I sit here and swoon, thanks.

Now I just have to locate them...I will keep you posted as I am sure that you are all dying to know how to get your hands on some romantic, white Moroccan lamps :)

While discovering this new website, which will quickly become a fav of mine, I also found a very intimate black and white wedding. For those of you just joining us, black and white are two of the colors I am using. Obviously I had to stare at these pictures forevahhh, feast your eyes on wedding porn: perfect black & white wedding.Casey Anthony 001

That is all that I have for you now. I hope that you all have an amazing long weekend!!

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