Friday, October 1, 2010

Hi loves!!!

First I want to apologize for the weird spaces on some of my posts, I don't know why they show up, and when I try to get rid of them it gets worse....grrrrrrrrr, they annoy me.

Second, sorry for abandoning you for almost a month. I wasn't feeling super inspired but I am baaackkk! yay!

So...what has been happening in my life in the past month. Well, I made my first apple pie, and thats about it. Pretty exciting huh?

Wedding news:
I have made my first appointment to go gown shopping over Columbus Day Weekend. I am going with my mom and fiance. I know that some people may feel that this is breaking a tradition, or bad luck....but the truth is that he is my best friend and his opinion is the one that matters the most to me. When it comes down to actually choosing which one I want to purchase he will not know and I will most likely make that decision with my mother, maid of honor/bestie, and mother in law. 
I am already in love with several Maggie Sottero dresses, and I have a feeling that I will end up wearing one of her gorgeous gowns...I can't wait!!!!

Last time I told you all that I fell in love with moroccan lamps, well one of the ahhhmazing ladies on Project Wedding found 30 lamps for me on ebay for $130.00....EEEEPPPP, I love them!!!

Next week is my birthday yayyyyyy. Fiance took me shopping for a birthday present early and he got me the Tiffany Notes I Love You ring....aawww I love him!!!!

I am so excited to celebrate with my family this week, can't wait!! I will be back soon!!!



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